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Drank way to much happy juice during the hypnosis show!!

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The most common question I get about adult R-Rated hypnosis shows are listed below, but let me give you a few hints as to what R-rated Hypnosis Shows are, and what they are not. First of all no R-rated hypnotist is going to make people have sex on stage; sorry. If that is what you thought an adult R rated hypnosis show was about, well you were wrong. Are they full of adult humor and fun; yes. Every aspect of a R rated hypnosis show can take on an air of sensuality and excitement. For instance in a G-rated hypnosis show we have people experience hot and cold and other various experiences on a bus, with the adult show they will believe that they are in a limo with a sexy driver.

It is a common thing to make folks forget that they have a belly button during a G-rated hypnosis show, again in the R rated hypnosis (adult) show instead of a belly button missing, we substitute his penis or a girl's butt as the missing appendage. We may also plant the suggestion that the girls have the guy penis and the reaction is always quite funny. Other events are talking penises and hiding them in the audience and then watching the subjects try to find them. Of course the girls know that the penises are really under the chairs, but they never tell. In a G-rated hypnosis show the hypnotist, me, might plant the suggestion that the person next to them is using their nose to talk to them, and that in fact the nose is making obnoxious comments. In the R-rated hypnosis show instead of a talking "nose" I will use the talking "penis or Boobs." Another favorite is pointing my finger at a person and watching as they get aroused to the point of a mental orgasm. Then again, there is my favorite, when the Doctors of Sexology (one or two subjects) come down from the planet "Bleep-On" and answer audience (live) questions with regard to their sex practices on their home planet.

I am guessing that you have an idea now as to what takes place. I have listed some specific questions below and of course if you need more information please do not hesitate to call; 800-872-7236. Have a great day.

Who should think about an R-Rated Hypnotist (adult) show?

First let me say that the R-Rated hypnosis shows are for adults. I have done them at Hotel Takeovers, Toga Joe's, Hedo I, Hedo II, Carnival Cruise ships (midnight shows only), Entice, Splashfest - Orlando, and various comedy clubs just to name a few places. Adult shows are not a good idea for any kind of employee event, they are not appropriate for school events (my opinion). Adult shows are for mature people who are looking for a good time and "understand" that it is going to be a R-Rated hypnosis show. Never surprise an audience with an R-Rated hypnotist's show, they will not be impressed.

What makes the show R-Rated hypnosis?

The events suggested & things I make people do, are on the sensual side. The jokes and one liners used during the show, again are things that you would hear in a late night comedy show. The language may be a little "street." In a G-Rated hypnosis show we would never use a foul word, but in a R-Rated hypnosis show we will used language that adults are use to hearing when the kids are not around. Of course some of the kids use the same language even when we are around; go figure.

Will people be touching others in a sexual way?

No! Even under hypnosis people are always in control, and everyone knows that to do so is just wrong. If someone were to get too close to doing something that I feel is wrong, sexual or other, I would stop it before it even started. G-Rated hypnosis show or R-Rated hypnosis show, it is my job to make sure everyone has a fun and good time, committee (people under hypnosis) and the audiences alike.

Is it true that there is more to an R-rated hypnosis show then just cursing? Is a Jack Laurie show more than that?

A R-rated hypnosis show is a sensual, fun, exciting evening. The entire show takes on an adult flavor and is as sensual as it is funny. But, I can truly say that the cursing is not what makes a true fun evening of adult entertainment.

Who are some folks that have had your R-Rated hypnosis shows?

Some of the greatest audiences that I have been in front of have be those who take part in "Lifestyle" (Swinger) events. The adult resorts like Desires and Hedo are great venues. Cruise Ships, midnight shows, usually prefer an adult type show. With two years as Carnival Cruise Lines first hypnotist I did two evening shows for families (G-Rated hypnosis) and then adult only (R-Rated hypnosis) midnight shows.

Can you be under 18 and attend a R-Rated hypnosis show?

Sorry; no. To have little kids in the audience ruins the show for those under hypnosis, and ruins the experience for the audience as well.

We are thinking of having an R-Rated hypnotist do a show at our school, what do you think?

My personal thinking is that a R-Rated hypnosis show is the wrong type of show for a college environment when the school is sponsoring the event (Frats and off campus event holders love adult shows). An adult type show for a high school is most definitely out of the question.

Where can we get more information?

Glad you asked. I can be E-mailed with a click here:  


 You can also call 800-872-7236.



Call 800-872-7236 for your next event. But remember, we also do G-rated hypnosis (family) shows as well, and they are just as much fun.






 r rated hypnotist r rated hypnosis stage hypnosis hypnotist comedy
 Relaxing after having an Hypnotic Orgasm.

r rated hypnotist r rated hypnosis stage hypnosis hypnotist comedy

Teddy Bear Time; geeeeee!!

r rated hypnotist r rated hypnosis stage hypnosis hypnotist comedy

Love the little Hypnotic Teddy Bear!

r rated hypnotist r rated hypnosis stage hypnosis hypnotist comedy

Star of a porno movie, make-up and all.  Of course there is no one in front of him doing anything, but hey he doesn't know that.(Don't you love hypnosis?)

r rated hypnotist r rated hypnosis stage hypnosis hypnotist comedy

She has his penis and the guy to her right can't believe the size of it!!! (Under hypnosis size does matter; LOL!)