High School Entertainment, Hypnosis Stage Shows,  is what makes a great day even better. Now before you say that is a silly statement you have to understand the mind set of Jack J. Laurie, Stage Hypnotist. In 1999 Jack Laurie lost his son to cancer. His son's last, and best life experiences revolved around his high school days. It is for that reason, the I, Jack Laurie love to perform in front of High School students - "hey it floats my boat" as they say. Joshua's story is a free down-load at www.JackLaurie.com/cancer. I will make your High School show an event to remember.


My shows run at least 58 minutes and usually not longer than 90 minutes. Shows should not exceed 90 minutes because the folks on stage will start to fatigue. You just need to let me know your needs. All high school shows are rated G, no reference to drugs and/or alcohol are anywhere within the show. The fee for the show would be a fair price for all concern; promise.

As far as who is this guy:

Who is hypnotist Jack J. Laurie? Jack Laurie is one of the best, if not the best entertainer when it comes to silly, funny, and hilarious hypnosis shows. He has performed for the likes of Super Clubs, Club Med, and Carnival Cruise Lines. His style of humor brings the audiences to their feet and leaves them laughing even after the show ends. Between men having babies, women rappers from the planet Bleep-On, having hot feet, the hypnosis audience disappearing event; well you get the image. This will be a show to remember.


Oh and what do others say:


Stage hypnosis trainers and stage hypnotists both agree that one name comes up in every conversation regarding a stage hypnotist for either G - Rated hypnosis shows (G - Rated shows, i.e. HS, fundraisers, Sweet Sixteen's, etc. do not mention, or insinuate any drugs and/or alcohol events) or PG-13 Rated hypnosis shows; stage hypnotist Jack J. Laurie. - Hypnosis Entertainment

To see videos and other info click here and visit the Home page of www.JackLaurie.com.

Also if you need a motivational speak for your High School; if possible Jack J. Laurie, MSA, MA, CHI will speak for a nominal fee. Jack Laurie, who in High School started out as we say "slow" now holds three undergraduate and two graduate degrees. The schools that were beyond his reach after his own high school experience, such as Rutgers, Fairly Dickenson, Princeton and Drew, just to name a few, he has either taught at, or guess lectured. Jack Laurie is a US Army Airborne Ranger qualified former Green Beret who has spoken to student and corporate clients alike all over the United States. Call today 800-872-7236.






Might be a little cold.

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Could this be your group; no stage needed (LOL).

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