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How about a great speaker who can motivate, entice, invigorate, and just plain let your group experience a fun event; call us. What started out as "word of mouth" engagements mixed in between Hypnosis Shows has turned into another full-time career and passion.  All talks come with a touch of hypnosis to make them a memorable experience, and fun.

Look no further. Jack J. Laurie has spoken to groups all over the United States on subject such as Leadership, Team Building, Motivation, Health - Cancer issues with loved ones, Hypnosis, Stress Management, Care Giver issues, and Developmentally Disabled Adults.

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So why would you hire Jack J. Laurie for your next event? Need your people taken to a higher level?

Mr. Laurie tailors all talks to fit the client's needs - no canned speeches here! As a professionally trained hypnotist Jack always remains connected and in-tuned to his audience.

Who is Jack J.  Laurie?

Business Owner, Ranger Qualified, Green Beret, B.S. in Business Management, Masters of Arts - Human Resources, Masters In Science - Health Administration,  Certified Hypnotist, Train-the-Trainer (Hypnotist), Author - Cancer: An Ocean of Tears.

Leadership and Team Building - No one makes it on their own. Learn the secrets of leadership and how to building a great team. Come to believe it when we say, "the whole is greater than the parts." Learn to diffuse fears, enlighten your workers, and show them that their interests and your organizational goals can follow the same path.

Motivational Speaker - As a Ranger qualified former Green Beret Jack Laurie has trained and motivated some of our finest soldiers. As a Department Head in the Criminal Justice department he showed the way that inner city could youths change their lives and start on a path that lead to a career. As a Medical Assistant Instructor he showed  inner city adults (primarily women) that there was a future through proper education for them and their families. Get your folks motivated.

Stress Management - As a clinical hypnotist for over 20 years the one thing that remains constant, most clients who visit clinical hypnotists are there because of stress issues. Stress is the by-product of our modern rush, rush, rush life. Stress is the easiest thing to get, and if you know the secrets the easiest thing to alleviate.

Care Giver Issues - You are not alone. They say it takes one to know one. As a father Jack had to tend to his son's needs. When you think that you are all alone - you aren't. Unlike many others, Jack Laurie was able to bring his experience as a former Special Forces (5th SFGp) Battalion Medical NCO to bear when it came to caring for his son.

Developmentally Disabled Adults - Since 2008 Jack Laurie has worked with DDA using in part techniques that he has learned over the last 21 years to find common ground to in part make their lives better and to allow them to achieve all that they might.

Cancer Issues - Family Coping/Surviving - Of all things this is the area that means the most to Jack J. Laurie. Jack's book, Cancer: An Ocean of Tears is a heart filled story of a father's love for his son. For a free down load go to: .


Mr. Laurie has engaged audiences such as round table conferences, to well over 3000. Mr. Laurie's speaking success has materialized because it wasn't long before others recognized his great talent for entertaining both large and small business gatherings. Make your next event special; call

732 329 8570.